Hit the Reset Button This Month!

As summer vacations wrap up and kids head back to school; we settle back into a more regular routine.  Over the years many of my clients have come to me asking for tips on how to get back on track with their healthy habits.  My suggestion…. Hit the reset button and focus on a few simple habits.

Reset button

Here are four most common healthy habits you might want to hit “reset” on this fall.

  1. Lack of Exercise– There is nothing wrong with reducing your regular workout routine for some relaxing vacation time but as we head into the fall, setting aside specific time for you and your family to be active is important. Set an example for your family and show them that even with your own busy schedule you make time for physical activity each week. We have plenty of fitness activities for all ages at the Sportsplex this fall- See our Fall Brochure for details.
  2. Dinning Out- While travelling and socializing we often find ourselves eating out more frequently in the summer months or indulging in meals we wouldn’t normally eat as often. The fall is a great time to focus on preparing your own healthy meals at home as much as possible.  Need help? Ask Doreen our onsite Dietitian for tips on preparing healthy meals for your family.
  3. Sweet Treats- We all love to grab an ice cream on a hot day or have s’mores by the campfire but try limiting your sweet treats to once a week!
  4. Alcoholic Drinks- Cold beer on a patio, frozen cocktails at the cottage, champagne & OJ with brunch …they add up! Cheers to a great summer, but try limiting your alcoholic drinks to the recommended standards.  I often suggest clients take a break from weekday drinks and save having a cocktail or beer for on the weekends while relaxing.

The secret to success when improving your healthy habits is making small changes each week and avoiding the “all or nothing” approach.


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